Intro of Company

We at forever marketing pvt. Ltd. has always positioned itself as a solution driven company. We basically believe in provides innovative and effective solutions that can be tailor made according to the requirements of our clients, customers and distributors as well as solution based as per market conditions. We are committed towards the growth of everyone who belongs to us.

The management of FMPL includes vastly experienced people from diversify fields. Our main motto has always been- success only can be achieved from hard work, Short cut never be a good choice…long vision will give you security, safety and healthy lifestyle.

Company Profile

We at FMPL dealing in diversify products and services and having worldwide network. Our management continuously   innovate new technology & system to cop up with the changing market conditions and environment.

Ever since its inception the company has believed that success only comes from its people . Its has been proven that wherever there are people, there is an opportunity to serve.


Our Strategy

1. Authenticity, Discipline & Coherence:
The way to do is to be. We act in accordance with our values and purpose. We apply our values and purpose throughout the business.

2. Reliability through delivering high quality products and services:
Best possible performance and accuracy, with least possible malfunctions and constant monitoring. To appoint & place reliable and strong distribution channels for delivering our
products and services.

3 Maximum Profitability through Distribution:
The spirit is to work as a team and to provide maximum benefits to our business partners. Our business mottoes are “Read & Earn”, “Eat & Earn”, “Wear & Earn”, in short “Buy & Earn


Our Values

• Security
• Intelligent Work
• Satisfaction
• Prosperity
• Holistic Development Of Humanity


Vision & Mission

We are aiming to capture the whole of the market of India. To become the best company in the Corporate industry we will be consistently providing the combination of products and outstanding Services that will help every individual to fulfill all his dreams.

We strive to break the financial barriers in the life of every individual who works with us and thereby lifting the economic level of the same by the way of direct marketing. India, being second largest Populated country in the world is facing problem of unemployment, poverty and less education. Hence our first priority is to make every individual as independent and make his/her life worthy for its family And nation.